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Puppy training Warrington

Building a positive relationship with your new puppy is so important. Training needs to be fun for both of you, with plenty of opportunity for your puppy to socialise and learn those all-important life skills. Helping owners to understand their dogs is all part of the training. Owners of a new puppy want to try and get it right, to make sure their little pup grows into a well-balanced adult dog. Do you know just how much your puppy is capable of doing? Do you know how and when to exercise and rest your puppy? Do you understand your puppy’s behaviour? Learn all this and more in the training sessions.

Peta 4 Dogs is here to help you, using positive, effective and easy-to-understand, fun training methods.

As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK (APDT, UK), Peta is able to offer owners the chance to work towards the APDT, UK Good Companion Award – Puppy Stage 1

What does the training cover?

  • Basics – Sit, Down, Stand
  • Lead work – loose leads
  • Recall – come when called
  • Self-control – meet, greet & stay calm
  • Handling – happy to be handled
  • Leave it – move away from food

All newcomers receive a free Puppy Life Skills Planner. The planner is a great way to find out what type of experiences can be useful for your puppy and how to introduce these experiences positively. Use of cues, setting boundaries and being flexible in your expectations are also part of our training.

Peta will provide support and advice even before you get your puppy. Visits to you at home are available, to help you plan for your new puppy and then to support you through those first few weeks. Once your puppy has completed their vaccinations, they can come along to classes to gain those essential puppy life skills!

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One-to-one training sessions are available. Please contact Peta for more info.

1 to 1 sessions

Peta Brandwood - Professional Dog Trainer

Helping owners to understand and enjoy their dogs.
Build the bond with your dog using positive, kind and fun training techniques.