Basics for Beginners Training

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Basics for Beginners training is great for dogs over 6 months old that have never had formal training or for owners of young rehomed/rescued dogs

It's important that training is fun for both of you, helping to build the bond and focus between you and your dog at every stage. Seeing a dog progress and respond to positive training is a very rewarding experience. In the first five few sessions you will start to learn how to get the most from your dog. Fun and Focus is the key!

You'll begin to understand just how much your dog is capable of learning. Watching and understanding your dog’s behaviour is also a key part of each training session.

Peta 4 Dogs is here to help you, using positive, effective and easy-to-understand, fun training methods.

What does the training cover?

  • APDT, UK Good Companion Award – Adult Beginners (
  • Basics – Sit, Down, Stand.
  • Lead work – walking on a loose lead.
  • Recall – come away from distractions when called.
  • Self-control – meet & greet politely, extended sit/stay, wait before going out.
  • Handling – grooming, examination.
  • Leave it – ignore the food.
  • Plus lots more, to keep you both busy!

Training always includes demonstrations on how to introduce these exercises in a fun and positive way with the use of cues, hand signals and a flexible approach.

Once your dog has completed their Basics for Beginners Dog Training, they can join the progression class.

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For dogs that cannot cope with group classes, one-to-one training sessions are available. Please contact Peta for more info.

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Build the bond with your dog using positive, kind and fun training techniques.